Peace and Happiness

Let's take a moment and think of a time; A time where you felt relieved and happy to be alive; The time you felt all your worries and problems disappear before you eyes; The time you realized God hasn't left you side; The time where you took a deep breath of fresh air and was thankful … Continue reading Peace and Happiness


Realizing Who You Are.

People say you will find yourself in your late twenties and you will begin to discover what you like and what you don't like and who are you as a person. I never thought about this until now,  I'm a go with the flow type of person. However, recently I started to noticed little things here … Continue reading Realizing Who You Are.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7

I'm starting a new blog series for TV shows that i'm in love with. So maybe here and there you will see a post about a TV show basically a (recap) of what happened on the season or the show. Now if you know me, I can binge watch Vampire Diaries all day everyday. Once I've finished … Continue reading The Vampire Diaries Season 7

Red Red Red Lips Please!

There's something about Red lips that will make any man go crazy and the ladies haha; I was looking on the internet for a new Red lipstick for this fall. I came across a few that looks amazing and pretty affordable. I mean Red anything is hot right?! Unfortunately one of them is out of stock however, … Continue reading Red Red Red Lips Please!

Motivational Monday’s Weight loss Series!

I decided on February 22, 2016 I will lose 15-20lbs by June 2016. I am extremely disappointed with myself ; I let myself gain the 33 lbs I originally lost in 2011, ugh it's so frustrating and heart breaking... When I accomplished my weight goal of 130 lbs I stopped going to the gym. I watched my … Continue reading Motivational Monday’s Weight loss Series!