Finding your Passion?

Have you been at work and decided I'm tired of doing the same thing? I need to do something  i'm passionate about? I know I have, but here's the thing--i'm not sure what i'm passionate about. I mean sure, I like to write here and there and help people sort out their lives, even when … Continue reading Finding your Passion?


Not Sure? Keep Going!

I had this new idea and I was super excited, I was having dreams about it and I couldn't wait to try it. After a few days of trying I was having serious doubts. Every time I tried something new it didn't work and I was becoming frustrated. I was beginning to think I made a huge mistake "thinking" I … Continue reading Not Sure? Keep Going!


When you're being sincere, people can sense it. When you're not being sincere people can call your bluff. For example, your boyfriend broke up with you for whatever reason and they want you back because of xy and z... Normally you can tell if the first apology was sincere or it's the same crap they feed … Continue reading Apologies?

Maybelline Colossal “Spider Effect” Review

  Oh My, I have to say... I love this mascara! I was watching a commercial and I thought wow, I have to buy this. I purchased this product at CVS for about $7.99 + tax which is not bad.  I have read some reviews stating it's "too clunky"  and "it's a mess". Well in my … Continue reading Maybelline Colossal “Spider Effect” Review

Look Through the Smoke

  Have you ever met someone and thought wow, this person is perfect. Months maybe years pass by and you start to see through their Smoke? You thought everything was real and then you realized It was an illusion? Not seeing people for who they really are can cloud our judgment. Especially if you are … Continue reading Look Through the Smoke

Realizing Who You Are.

People say you will find yourself in your late twenties and you will begin to discover what you like and what you don't like and who are you as a person. I never thought about this until now,  I'm a go with the flow type of person. However, recently I started to noticed little things here … Continue reading Realizing Who You Are.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7

I'm starting a new blog series for TV shows that i'm in love with. So maybe here and there you will see a post about a TV show basically a (recap) of what happened on the season or the show. Now if you know me, I can binge watch Vampire Diaries all day everyday. Once I've finished … Continue reading The Vampire Diaries Season 7