Goodbye 20’s Hello 30’s

As my birthday is approaching fast, I can't help to reflect on my 29 years on this earth. Wow, where do I start haha. The last several years have been a roller coaster ride, some years were great and others were WTF!? But I don't regret anything from the last several years because it shaped … Continue reading Goodbye 20’s Hello 30’s


Scenes From This Weekend!

TGIF--to start off the weekend of course I had to partake in a HH. My sister and I went to Brio Tuscan Grille for drinks and apps. We started off with two Peach Bellini Martini and they were delicious! We ordered the margarita pizza and the blacken shrimp which was both amazing. We then ordered … Continue reading Scenes From This Weekend!

Life as we Know It.

You're here today, gone tomorrow You left the world with regret and sorrow Enthusiasm was never apart of your daily routine Now you have to face reality You only had one life to live But now you're given a second chance So don't go through life with sorrow Go through life with joy and excitement Because you'll never know … Continue reading Life as we Know It.

Annapolis Mall Trip

Have you ever just went to the mall and windowed shop for most of the time around holidays season? I know I have many of times haha. Sometimes the items are more precious when you look at them from a distance, especially if you don't want to break your pockets!!! Check out this video with … Continue reading Annapolis Mall Trip

Sephora Haul

I went to Sephora this past weekend for a "Custom Makeover". There's a minimum purchase of $50.00 which is reasonable. Just FYI you should book your appointment 4 1/2 hours early before your event. I had a appointment at 5:00pm, I arrived around 4:30pm; I wasn't finished until 6:30pm. Maybe it's the holiday seasons but beware … Continue reading Sephora Haul

Mac Cosmetics Gift Haul 2015

Have you ever thought about buying someone a gift and decided to keep it for yourself? GUILTY!! I'm not a bad person really it's just I like all the gifts I normally buy for my friends especially MAC cosmetics lol. So, today I'm going to share what I bought from MAC this past weekend. When … Continue reading Mac Cosmetics Gift Haul 2015