Sally Hansen Big Peel off Base Coat Review

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Valentine’s Day Nails

Are you guys ready for Valentine's Day? I know I am!!! If you guys want to be festive I know exactly how to get you in the mood. Of mood I'm talking about Valentine's Day Nails of course hahaha. I've choose to paint my nails red and pink which is the national day colors  for Valentine's … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Nails

New Years Nails Guide 2016

Have you ever wanted to be bedazzled in glitter for New Years?? I know I have! I decided to paint my nails a gold polish and with gold glitter. Let's get started 1. Paint your nails with a base coat to protect your nails. 2. Apply the 1st coat of the gold polish. Let that dry … Continue reading New Years Nails Guide 2016