Scenes From This Weekend!

TGIF–to start off the weekend of course I had to partake in a HH. My sister and I went to Brio Tuscan Grille for drinks and apps. We started off with two Peach Bellini Martini and they were delicious! We ordered the margarita pizza and the blacken shrimp which was both amazing. We then ordered Lemon Mojito Martini which was strong and good! I have to say, I was getting pretty full.

I totally forgot I had a email from PF Changs where you buy one entree and received the other one for free, plus it was expiring soon. So we both said hey why not, it’s basically free food when you think about it. We ordered the Crispy Honey Shrimp and the Work Fired Filet Mignon with a side of lo mein. So we basically made a little hibachi buffet. Everything was delicious!

Saturday we headed to Mount Vernon Market place and decided to nom on some oysters at The Local Oyster and grab a few drinks. The oysters of course was amazing and the drink I opted for was a Processco and that was amazing. There’s something about champagne in a glass. Later on that night we ended up at Banditos in Fed Hill. They have the best pork belly tacos I have ever had. The tacos are amazing, we ordered (Steak, Shrimp and Pork Belly). I also ordered a Orange crush to go with my tacos, the drink had fresh squeezed oranges and vodka. My only concern was the drink wasn’t strong enough for $9.

On Sunday we went to celebrate my brother in law birthday at Autobahn Indoor Speedway and it was pretty fun and terrifying. I’m not a big fan of go-carts because they are scary haha. I decided to go a good speed–this place has no speed limit which is crazy! It was four of us and I came in 3rd place. We ended our night with homemade crab and shrimp dip, bbq wings and homemade ice cream cake. OMG the ice cream cake was to die for. So delicious!

That was my weekend, let me know how was your weekend?




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