Finding your Passion?

find-your-passion-orlando-espinosa1Have you been at work and decided I’m tired of doing the same thing? I need to do something  i’m passionate about? I know I have, but here’s the thing–i’m not sure what i’m passionate about. I mean sure, I like to write here and there and help people sort out their lives, even when my life is not in order. But I’m not jumping up for joy about it. I also enjoy drinking and eating lol, so should I start a Youtube channel around drinks and food? I know I’m not the only one who feels there’s something more to life than working a 9 to 5. I prefer not to wake up when i’m 35 years old and still trying to find my passion.

Have any of you had this problem, and you figured out what to do? I mean, when I was younger I could have bet everything that I would have life figured out by now but then again, life is just going with the flow.




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