Blockage Blocks


What are life experiences? We experience different things in life and it stays with us. We try to block it out or try to forget about them however, our experiences never goes away. We have to acknowledge and confront the experiences that’s holding us back in life.

For example, when I was younger, people would say I write like I talk and that was considered a bad thing. From that moment I considered myself as a bad writer but I always secretly enjoyed writing. Even now, when I think of writing I have this free feeling; I can’t describe it but it’s a good feeling.

On several occasions I wanted to write a book  but deep down inside I thought I can never write a book because of my previous experience. I would start and never finish the book, It’s been 3 years; I would become very embarrassed and start to curl up into a ball and inflict negative thoughts into my head. Like “you can’t write”, “they will laugh at you”, “who do you think you are” “you’re not a writer”, “your stupid”, “you’re not smart enough”. These thoughts would circulate in my head and then I would stop writing. I’m trying to overcome this obstacle but it takes time, just like any bad habit, it takes time.

You should think about a time where you enjoyed doing something at one point in your life and identify why you stopped doing it. Being able to confront the blockage can help you turn over the block.

Please feel free to comment any blockage blocks you may have.




2 thoughts on “Blockage Blocks

  1. We’re taught and trained to hold it all inside Christina, to not feel the beauty of the innocence of letting it out when and how we feel it. And we do; we do for the fear of avoiding the stigma of weakness, until it breaks us from the inside, slowly and silently, and there is “little” or “nothing” left of us.
    Those who are courageous to hold on, learn to be strong and proficiently wave off the numerous darts as they come.
    Do they, really?
    It takes just one “planned” move, and all the impenetrable walls come crashing down.

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    1. You are right Neal, we are trained to hold it all inside and not let others see us vulnerable. If you really think about it, we are robots, we are trained the same way, we are taught to act a certain way and if we go against these “norms” we are automatically considered “abnormal” or “crazy”. I admire the people who sing loudly on the subway or dance when there’s no music. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone so free and happy and not have any restraints.

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