Not Sure? Keep Going!

I love this quote, you never know until you try!

I had this new idea and I was super excited, I was having dreams about it and I couldn’t wait to try it. After a few days of trying I was having serious doubts. Every time I tried something new it didn’t work and I was becoming frustrated. I was beginning to think I made a huge mistake “thinking” I can do this.

I bought all the items I needed and I tried everything to get this idea right, I prayed about it the night before; I was on my knees asking God to show me or give me a sign if i’m going in the right direction. The very next day I tried again and this time it was perfect.

Moral of the story when in doubt keep trying and don’t give up. Don’t let your fear of not being successful get in the way. God is there with you every step of the way.




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