Are Men making us Crazy?


Yes, and here’s why.

Let’s think back to a time when our world wasn’t revolved around men. When I was a child I wasn’t thinking about boys, I was more concern with making friends with girls. It wasn’t until my first heartbreak in the 7th grade I start being obsess with boys.

Everyone has trust issues clearly; if we didn’t, the world would be in a much better place. If someone keeps calling you crazy do you start to believe it or brush it off? I read a quote that said “behind every crazy woman is a man who made her that way“.

I 100% agree with this quote, we are not born this way however, they are some women who are diagnosed with mental illnesses. Men can drive us crazy with their cheating, dishonesty, and mind games. Sometimes men pushes us to the limit to question every move, because, time and time again they have failed to prove their loyalty to us.

You begin to wonder what is our life lesson? Do we have to go through a ton of bad guys to find our prince charming? Or is there a such thing as a prince charming? The type of person you should look out for is a guy who has all the qualities you want in a man. Mr. too perfect is too perfect.

Moral of the story, stop letting men drive us crazy! Why do we let them control our emotions? It has to stop!



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