Is Texting the new Phone Conversation?

Unfortunately, I think it is.


This dating generation is terrible. I mean really terrible; people don’t call each other, they rather text all day. Like really, what’s wrong with you, why can’t you hold a conversation over the phone. I found myself arguing through a text message with this guy and I thought to myself, this is crazy. I’m morphing into this generation where you avoid real interaction with people. For instance, this 37 year old guy I was dating was arguing with me through a text message. A 37 year old arguing through a text message is baffling to me. You’re too old to act this way, but then again, age is nothing but a number. Why can’t you pick up the phone and talk to me, or better yet, let’s meet each other to discuss the many reasons why i’m selfish. There’s always something I’m not doing right (eye rolling hard!! ).

I’m not sure what happen to phone conversations but this is something i’m not going to put up with. If you want to ask me out, you have to pick up the phone and dial my number. Stop being afraid of having nothing to talk about and just pick up the phone, grow some balls! For instance, when I recently dabbled into the dating world, this guy never called me, he only text. So when we finally met on our first date, I  forgot how his voice was. I wanted to laugh because the voice didn’t fit his image but it grew on me. If you don’t talk to someone on the phone you will forget how they sound when you’re meeting up with them and be caught off guard. I can go on about human interaction but, I’m going to save this topic for a later time.

Moral of the story, stop texting and call people. You can’t get to know someone through text messages.



4 thoughts on “Is Texting the new Phone Conversation?

  1. I second every thought of yours on this post Christine.
    Think about it … when someone sends you a text, you assign meaning, voice tone, and much more to the words on your screen. Without knowing how the person sounds or how the person hopes to deliver his or her message because you do not truly know each other, you are bound to operate on assumptions. This leads to a potentially flawed interpretation of the message and who the person is. As you get to know and spend time with them in person (think friends, family and co-workers), you naturally do a better job interpreting their texts and emails. This is why it is essential to invest in your dating life by giving potential partners a chance to connect with you in person.

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  2. Great and true read…People don’t have to talk to each other anymore because it’s become acceptable and strictly texting unfortunately is working. How would you suggest we get to the point of people talking to each other once again instead of texting?

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    1. The only suggestion I have to offer is to stop texting the person as much and call them instead; and if the person doesn’t answer your phone calls then obviously the person isn’t serious about having a real connection with you.


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