Here’s To You!


This year has been a whirlwind for me; if someone predicted my year  I would completely laugh in their face, like what, no way! That will never happen! Isn’t that the beauty of life, never knowing what’s going to happen? I have to admit this year has been one of the worst years I’ve had in a very VERY long time. I’ve never felt so lost and confused in life, some say you’re going through a mid-life crisis. Others say it’s your season to reinvent yourself however i’m not sure what’s going on with me.

I don’t know about you but i’m really excited about 2017; I hope my life will make a complete turnaround in every aspect. So here’s to you, I know if not all, but most of us had a very struggling year. I applaud all of you for pushing through every breakup, job loss, death, emotional roller coaster ride, tears, frustration, and  any ups and downs.

Here’s to you, a standing ovation.

Let’s make 2017 a better year for all of us.




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