Late-Twenties Dilemmas


Is it just me, or do you feel like life becomes harder in your mid to late twenties? I mean, I know people say you’ll find yourself during this time however, i’m still trying to flee from my mistakes. I try to gather my thoughts and feelings and determine if I should continue with this unsure direction or to continue down a path where i’m familiar with?I know mentally I can’t move forward if I keep reliving my mistakes right?!. It’s easier to run away and not face anything but it will always come back to you, if you haven’t learned from them.

If I had it my way, I would love to be free from all my responsibilities, I’ll travel the world with my partner and discover different lifestyles. I would be in France sipping wine and eating fresh baked bread. I was living in a fantasy for just a moment haha but now I have to abide to my daily routines because my billstumblr_m56ddtvgdc1rv6lnjo1_500 are not going to pay themselves.


I feel like i’m missing out on life, It has to be more to this, I can’t imagine having the same routine for the rest of my life.

The dilemmas of a late twenty year old.



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