5 Dating Tips


What I’ve gathered from myself, friends and family is that you have to play smart when you’re dating. So here are a few tips to keep in mind for the next potential guy.

1.Set standards. I cannot say this enough SET STANDARDS for yourself. Setting simple standards will let the guy know she’s not the one to play with. For example: by now you would think this is the norm but it’s not unfortunately, opening your car door. I cannot tell you how many guys neglected to open up the door until I said something (mind blowing); step back so they can open the restaurant door for you. It’s the little things that set you apart from others. If you demand respect you will it get.standards

2. Don’t give your “goods” to everyone you meet. Let them work for it at least; and I hear people say “I’m a grown woman, I know what I want”. Okay that’s fine, but, if your looking for a long term relationship I would advise you to wait. Wait at least the bare minimal 3 months. Just like any job, there’s a probation period normally 90 days to see if you are a good fit. I’m just keeping it real ladies. Don’t hate me hate the game!

3. Let the man pursue you. I see a lot of females stalking the guy Instagram, liking every picture to get them to noticed them; or constantly calling the guy first or texting them first or asking the guy out first. Like STOP!!! You are being desperate and he can tell and no one likes a desperate female. Let the guy seek you first, that’s when you know if they’re interested in you or not. I know it may be hard, he’s so cute and so handsome but let me tell you, if the guy isn’t hitting you up on a regular basis, he’s not into you.

4. Date other people. You should at least date 2-3 people when you’re trying to figure out who would be a good fit for you. I hate to burst your men_staring_edit_2bubbles ladies but, the perfect guy does not exist except God of course. If you just date one person you will become fixated on him, “what is he doing?”, “why haven’t he
called me back?”, “who is he with?”, the list can go on and on. If you have multiple people you don’t have time obsessing over one guy, your attention will be in different directions. And that is a good feeling.

5. Leave your baggage at home. Don’t bring trust issues into this new relationship because you think all men cheat, lie and steal. If that’s the case you should never date again. Speaking from experience chase_700_467bringing trust issues into a new relationship can really be bad and I mean bad. Don’t let your new guy pay for your ex’s mistakes!  Now on the other hand don’t be naive, look out for the signs. If he’s always turning his phone on vibrate or his phone is always faced down. Just keep that  in the back of your mind. Don’t look through his phone, whatever he’s doing will come out into the light. Let God work that out for you.

I hope these 5 tips will help someone out there who’s a hopeless romantic like me and trying to find a decent guy. Listen and look for the signs, this will help you determine who’s good for you and who’s not. Love is really blind.



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