I always had Second Thoughts about mostly everything in my life. What should I do with this situation, or that situation, or where do I want to go, or what do I want to eat. This is pretty normal for me; you’re probably thinking, “I can’t live like that”. Yeah me either but, when life gives you so many lemons you have to deal with it.

I was reading a quote about second thoughts by Sydney J. Harris “When we have second thoughts about something, our first thoughts don’t seem like thoughts at all- just feelings“. I never thought about it in that way–but if you really think about it, how often do you go with your first thought? 8 out of 10 I go with my second thought. Second Thoughts seems more logical than the first one. For example, I planned to go to the gym when I got off of work, but I had a second thought that popped up. I should take a nap first and then go to the gym since I was tired. The second thought was perfect because I felt refreshed at the gym.

In life you’re giving two choices, it’s up to you to determine which choice is right for you.



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