Look Through the Smoke



Have you ever met someone and thought wow, this person is perfect. Months maybe years pass by and you start to see through their Smoke? You thought everything was real and then you realized It was an illusion? Not seeing people for who they really are can cloud our judgment. Especially if you are in a intimate relationship with them, you start to become one, your soul intertwine and you start to believe this person is the one you want to marry.

If you take a step back and look at the signs that was clearly presented to you, you’ll realized that nothing was real and the Smoke, the fogginess is clearing out. You didn’t want to face the harsh reality, this person is not who you thought they were. You start to notice the hard truth/reality once the smoke is clear. Your mind is not clouded by their looks, their smell, their smile, their sex, etc, literally everything comes into light.

So now, you have a choice, to accept this obnoxious, self-centered person for who they are or, dumped them in the trash? The choice is up to you!



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