The Vampire Diaries Season 7


I’m starting a new blog series for TV shows that i’m in love with. So maybe here and there you will see a post about a TV show basically a (recap) of what happened on the season or the show.
Now if you know me, I can binge watch Vampire Diaries all day everyday. Once I’ve finished  the last season on Netflix I re-start the whole series again haha. You can say i’m a little obsessed. If you are up to date with the Vampire Diaries then keep reading. If you are not please stop reading. I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys.

So here’s what happen on Season 7, the heretics pretty much died, I actually liked the relationship  between Mary Lou and Noratumblr_nvxpcbv1ve1tht7obo2_500; Elena is still in a coffin; Stephen was running from a vampire hunter because he was protecting Damon again. Stephen fell in love with Caroline but the Vampire hunter ruined their relationship, since he had to keep running. The Vampire hunter soul was transferred to Bonnie’s because Enzo was giving her pills that was harmful to witches but he didn’t know. The pills was helping her hide from this group called the Armory (is a group that specializes in the supernatural); they needed a Bennet witch to open a cave. SN: I have to say, I would never peg Bonnie and Enzo together but wow, they are like a match made in heaven.bonnie-and-enzo They are so cute together, I actually like them better than Elena and Stephen shhh. Bonnie was a brief vampire hunter for  a tiny two seonds, she was really a vampire killer. No one could stop her; she was unstoppable not even the love of her life (Enzo). Caroline had twins and was engaged to Alaric, which was really weird but whatever. Matt was a total anti-vampire police officer which I didn’t care for.

Damon decided to be a hero and save the day on the last episode with this mystery Armory creature in a cave that can make you do evil things and get inside your head. Enzo went to bring Damon back out of the cave because Damon thought he heard Elena calling him inside the cave but unfortunately he was consumed by the evilness too. No one heard or seen them for months. On the season 7 finale Damon and Enzo unleashed hell on earth with some mystery Armory creature; they are draining bodies for this creature so it can feed. Now that’s really creepy. I mean I know there’s more to the season but I wanted to sum up the most important parts in my opinion.

Let me know what you thought about Season 7? Were you guys rooting for Alaric and Caroline, or Caroline and Stephen? Do you miss Elena? Do you think Damon will come back? Please comment below.

Until next time, protect you tiny neck



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