The Waiting Game!

Have you ever noticed someone really attractive and you hope they will ask for your number and when it finally happens you don’t hear from them? This my friend is called the “waiting game“. The Waiting game consist of two willingly players waiting around for the other person to contact them first. Let me tell you, it’s not fun and it’s not worth your time. I did this waiting game for 2 months, and it was terrible. The worst headache I ever had from a boy, not a man, a boy (just to clarify). I was hoping we could finally go out and have a good time but that never happened. It was always something with him, he had to watch his sister kids or he forgot our dinner date and he went missing for 3 days. I mean clearly these were signs that this guy wasn’t interested hahaha.  Have you ever looked back at yourself and say “wow girl get a clue“.  jess-full-house-how-rude

If the person was really into you they would have called or texted the same night to make sure you made it home safe. If it’s been 2 to 3 days and you haven’t heard from him, chances are he wasn’t interested and you was something to waste time.

I know right, how rude. Who raised you?  Please do not think you did anything wrong because you didn’t. God was protecting you from a disastrous situation before it even happen and let me tell you it’s not a pretty sight. Hold your head high and continue to be the QUEEN you are.

Always remember it’s his loss and not yours! You’re amazing!



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