Flattery at Work?

What is flattery? According to the M-W dictionary Flattery is define as “praise that is not sincere”. Some people may think flattery is the key for climbing up the ladder fast; however, in reality flattery can only get you but so far. Let’s be honest here, when you hear your coworker complimenting your boss by saying “have you lost weight? You look amazing” and you think to yourself that’s a lame move, especially when there’s a new positioning opening up in a couple of weeks and your boss have clearly gained weight (eye roll). If your boss don’t catch on then he/she is really naive; or in other cases they like to hear lies that boost their ego.


Now I have to admit, receiving compliments can really boost your ego. However on the down side, someone can always call your bluff. Now of course flattery can get you pretty far if your at a bar, club, or even at the mall; I would not recommend anyone to depend on flattery being your primary source to climb the ladder in a work place. With that being said, leave the flattery at social gatherings outside the work place.



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