Goal Weight Crushed!


Hey guys, I know it’s been a while however, I have some very exciting news. I made my goal weight on July 22nd; I was so thrilled because I worked extremely hard to accomplish my goal and I did it! Now I am trying to maintain my weight; my weight fluctuates between 134-138 throughout the week. Which can be alarming but I have to remember I did not gain 4 pounds in a week (just for my own sanity purposes).

My boyfriend started his weight loss journey  this past Sunday and i’m so proud of him, the key to weight loss success is consistency  and not looking at other people and how they lost 20 pounds in two months. I’m glad I lost 19 pounds in 6 months. I know it seems like a long time but the months are flying by (so start NOW!). We’re already in September, where did Summer 16 go?

I will continue to update you all on my weight loss (maintaining and toning); I’m going to revert back to my normal blog routine. Check back every other Monday for a lifestyle post.

Total of 19.6 pounds loss 🙂

Weight: 134



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