Gained 5 Lbs over 10 Days!


I don’t understand how some people say they can’t gain weight; you must have a really high metabolism because it’s very possible for me lol. I know you are probably thinking how the hell did she gained 5 lbs in 10 days. Let me tell you my friend it’s very possible and I hate myself for indulging in fat and sweet delicious food but oh well life goes on. This happens in a weight loss journey, you will lose some and you will gain some lol. It’s inevitable.  However, I know my weight gained is truly accurate, my weight is fluctuating since I don’t eat those types of food on a regular basis.

I am now back on my weight loss routine; I probably only gained about 3 pounds but the scale say otherwise. Before, Friday May 27th I weighed 136.6 and as of Monday June 6th I weighed 141. However today I weighed 140. So i’m pretty sure I truly only gained 3 pounds which would put me at 139. Any who, yes I feel like a failure but nevertheless this is not going to stop me from my goal.

I have decided to change my goal weight to 125-135. I know that’s additional 10 pounds to lose from my previous goal 135.

At the end of the day, I enjoyed my vacation with my love and I don’t regret nothing. You can always lose weight but you can’t always take off a week from work to spend time with your honey.


About ChristinaDemerisVlog

Welcome to my blog, I'm a person who blogs about anything that comes to mind. I enjoy writing my thoughts into poems; I'm trying out a new thing "living by faith and not by sight" and I hope I can inspire someone out there to live the same way. I'm a daughter, sister, best friend, and coworker to the most wonderful people I have ever met! I have an obsession with cats and Oreo's maybe because my cat was white and black haha ;). I enjoy exploring new things, meeting new people, trying new dishes and enjoying life. I follow my own theory "you only get one life, so make it count". You can't live your life for others, you have to live it for yourself because in the end, you'll have regret! Christina Demeris
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