Plateau Stage Blues


You’re probably wondering why haven’t you lost anything, you’re eating the same amount calories when you started your weight loss journey; you’re exercising constantly but the scale just won’t go down. You my friend have reached a plateau stage, where your body is getting use to your workout and your calorie intake. I hit this stage two weeks ago however I got past it. I was stuck between 139-140; I couldn’t move past this weight and it was driving me nuts.

Here are some tips to get you past this stage:

  1. Cut out sweets during the week.
  2. Be strict about your food intake Monday-Friday.
  3. Workout additional 5-10 minutes with more resistance.
  4. Try adding a half of grapefruit to one meal without sugar. (Grapefruit naturally burn fat when eaten with a meal)
  5. Meal prep your meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus snacks.(restrict your self to these meals only during the week, no matter what!)
  6. Cut out alcohol during the week.

If you follow some of these tips, this can help you get past this dreadful stage. I pushed myself to run 2 miles straight with the speed ranging from 4.6-5.3 on the treadmill. I normally run 2 miles in 30 minutes however I pushed myself to run 2 miles in 25 minutes and 2 miles 1/2 in 30 minutes.

Don’t become discourage about the scale, it can be hard but think about the larger goal at the end. If I can do it, you can too !!

My Schedule for this week:

Gym: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (50 minutes)

Abs: none

Weight: 137 🙂

2 more pounds to go!!


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