Weight Loss Update

IMG_9014It’s May! Let’s have several cheers for May hip hip hooray! As you guys know I have started my weight loss journey February 22, 2016 and so far I have lost a total of 13.8 pounds which puts me at 139.8. I’m so proud of my myself for sticking with this weight loss journey. It’s a good feeling when other people notice your weight loss as well.

I have to say I find pleasure trying my old clothes which I couldn’t fit earlier this year and now they do. I made a promise to myself I won’t buy any clothes until I reach my goal weight which is 135. Until then, I have to keep wearing what I have. My gym clothes are bigger now which is kind of annoying because they were pricey lol.

This post is an update on my progress. I hope I motivate someone out there to continue their weight loss journey and don’t give up!

My Schedule for this week:

Gym: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (60 minutes)

Abs: none

Weight: 139.8 🙂

4.8 more pounds to go!!



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