Gym Routines

Beginner Workout Routines for Weight LossIn order to see progress in your weight loss journey you need to have a gym routine that goes with your food intake. I notice a lot of people at the gym start on one machine for about 4 minutes and get off and try a different machine. That is fine when you want to figure out what machine is best for you but 9/10 the person does not have a gym routine. Having a gym routine at will help you stay focus on your goal.

For example; I go to the gym four times a week (except this week due to my wisdom teeth extractions) and workout 50 minutes. I workout for 10 minutes on the elliptical, I then move on to another cardio machine called the ARCH trainer for 20 minutes. I workout for 20 minutes on the treadmill. I can burn from anywhere from 500-560 in 50 minutes. After I complete my workout I treat myself to a massage at Planet Fitness and then go home!

Having a gym routine can help a lot of “what to do next” thoughts while you’re at the gym. Trust me, it works every time!

My Schedule for this week:

Gym: none

Abs: none

Weight: 143.6 🙂

8.6 more pounds to go!!





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