Don’t Give Up on your Weight Loss!

Everyone have tried to lose weight at some point in their life and been successful however; when the scale does not Weight_Loss_Motivationmeet your expectation you start to become discourage. When you become discourage it’s so easy for you to fall back into your old habits. This happened to me this past Wednesday. Every Wednesdays I weigh myself in the morning to see my progress and long behold I didn’t hit my target which was 144; I weighed 144.6. If you’re really dedicated to losing weight this can be extremely disappointing! I was so sad and depressed, I called myself every name in the book. I ate popcorn and m&m’s with peanuts. I was thinking to myself it’s over I’m a failure. I called my boyfriend and made a confession on what I’ve done and he said “get back on it; you still lost weight, work harder in the gym”. After hearing that I thought to myself he’s right I need to stop eating my feelings and start working harder in the gym.

My advice to you, don’t give up when you don’t meet your weekly weigh in. It’s okay; losing weight is hard and it takes dedication. There will be weeks I won’t lose weight due to my body getting use to my routines. That’s when you have to switch it up, especially your food intake. I will talk about this “Plateau stage” once I hit it.

My Schedule for this week:

Gym: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 50 minutes of cardio

Abs:Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (3 sets of vigorous abs workout 100 in each set)

Weight: 144.6 🙂

9.6 more pounds to go!!



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