Weight Fluctuation?


Have you ever weighed yourself one day and the next day you gained 3 pounds??? I know I have and it’s really frustrating however, you really have to think, did I actually eat 10,500 calories? No, you did not eat 10,500 calories in one day. This weight fluctuation is called water weight. Your normal weight should go back within a day or two after you resume your regular meals and exercise routine.

Just FYI: the intake of sodium, carbs, alcohol and the time of day can determine your weight fluctuation. Just remember to always weigh yourself in the morning after you pee/poop for the best weight result.

For example my boyfriend and I had a cheat meal yesterday at the Cheesecake Factory and of course we ordered appetizers (stuffed mushrooms and bread with butter ), entrees (Cajun chicken and shrimp pasta) and our favorite desert (Oreo Cheesecake).oreo

We was beyond stuffed and we hated ourselves haha. We decided to walk off this food! We walked for a hour around the Inner Harbor in Baltimore before walking back to my apartment. We decided to weigh ourselves after this epic meal; our weight went up almost 3 pounds. We both started to scream but then we realized it’s the weight fluctuation.

He’s not use to this process however, i’m very familiar with this annoying nuisance. I told him your weight will go back within a day or so and he was fine I explained this process. So here’s my schedule for this week!

My Schedule for this week:

Gym: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 50 minutes of cardio

Yoga: Wednesday (Vinyasa) 90 minutes (maybe)

Weight: 145 🙂

10 more pounds to go!!





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