Women Rushing to get Married? 


Every other commercial, particularly on Lifetime portrays women as desperate individuals who are in a rush to get married. I understand Mother Nature is not going to hold off dropping eggs each menstrual cycle however; there’s other ways you can save your eggs. You can freeze your eggs and wait until you are ready. Click here for more FAQ about freezing eggs. I think this reason alone is what drives women to rush and get married.

Let’s take our biological clock out for a minute. IMG_7967Would you still rush to get married? If your answered “yes“, I would say you’re the bottom 30%. Women of this day and age want to be established and have a name for themselves before they get married.


Before marriage, here are some tips to explore:

  1. Travel the world.
  2. Marry when you’re ready (don’t let people rush you into marriage).
  3. Worry about yourself (be the best you can be).
  4. Make sure you find the one.
  5. Enjoy making decisions for yourself.
  6. Enjoy the freedom of not having kids (if you don’t have kids).

Marriage is a huge commitment and unfortunately people are not taking it seriously. Before you get married make sure you are compatible with your significant other, understanding, know how to compromise, etc. You should have a strong foundation to start on (your religious beliefs). This will have a huge impact on your marriage, make sure you put God first at all times. Divorce rate is high for people between the ages of 20-24 and low between the ages of 25-29 according to 7 Surprising Statistics about Divorce in America .

I understand why divorce is high between the ages of 20-24, you have not experience what life has to offer. Until you discover what life has to offer then, and only then you will be ready because you have seen it all. You’re still young, grow some hair on your chest and get to know who you really are and what you are not going to tolerate in a partner.

SN: only marry when you’re ready, don’t let other people rush you into marriage. If you are meant to have a child, God will provide you with a child and there’s always other options like adoption.




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