Weight Loss Reality

sickPlanning a workout routine is easy. Monday – Friday workout at the gym for 40 minutes. Rest on Saturday and Sunday. This plan seems flawless right….WRONG! When I came up with this workout plan I didn’t include the unexpected. I was/still sick last week, somehow I didn’t think to incorporate days I might get sick or days I might not want to go the gym. In a perfect world no one would get sick and everyone would be on a permanent routine. Unfortunately this is not the type of world we live in.

I was reading articles online about exercising when you’re sick; they say you can still workout if your symptoms are above your neck. Meaning stuffy nose, coughs, headache etc. If your symptoms are below the neck you should not exercise. Just a little tip. Click here for the article. Last week was a fail, but this week is a new week. I will resume my workout routine this week and continue my weight loss journey.

Weight: 146.2



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