Addicted to Technology?


Have you ever told yourself you were going to bed early tonight but end up staying up past midnight; surfing social media, internet, watching Netflix, and catching up on your shows? Once morning hit, you start to regret the decision to stay up. You must like it, because you keep doing it every single night when you have obligations in the morning.

A Korean researcher found that people who stay up later have a higher risk of muscle deterioration, diabetes, and metabolic disease despite getting the same amount of sleep as those who wake up early. With that being said, is social media, and Netflix really worth it? Granted, research can only prove so much however, at the same time I feel rested when I go to bed early.

If you really think about it, it’s a drug. You can definitely become addicted to it. If you can binge watch a show in one day, you my friend are an addict “Hi my name is Christina and I’m a “technoholic”.  Trust me you are not the only one who binge watch episodes for a day straight. I mean, let’s really think about this here; an average show on Netflix is about 40-60 minutes long. Most series are 10-25 episodes long. Now you do the math, if you’re wondering why you haven’t started your weight loss journey, found a job or finished writing your book; you can literally measure where the time went. I can tell you where it went, you binge watch series, and life is passing you by.

Hands Of Businessman Addicted To Work Bond With Chain To Compute


Our generation is becoming very lazy. Yes, I know I’m a Generation Y/Millennium generation I want what I want now, type of attitude”, however, people are inventing new things to make it more convenient to lay around and do nothing. No wonder Americas has obese children and adults. We stay inside and watch TV all day and snack on whatever our hands can grab. Get up and start living life, even if it’s a walk down the street. Look at the beautiful trees, the flowers on the grass. People are so consume with technology it’s starting to become dependent. I’m not sure about you; but if I can’t control something then I’m very skeptical of it.  I know I’m guilty at this too, but enough is enough; I’m tired of coming home from work and the only thing I want to do is surf social media while watching Netflix.

I hope this helps someone out there who’s addicted to technology. I mean everything is technology now; it’s scary to think what would happen if technology stop existing?



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