Student Loan Dilemma + Sally Hansen Big Peel off Base Coat Update!

Student’s loans can be a real pain in the butt. I mean literally, I have pains in my butt (just kidding) but it can be very depressing. My student loan’s are more than my salary; I mean really, in a great world (you should make the amount you owe on your student loans). This is my theory and hopefully one day it will come trueย ๐Ÿ™‚

Now back to the heartache and pain we are experiencing with student loans. This picture explains everything. I’m having a terrific day and out of nowhere “your student loan is ready to review”. Ugh com’on I was having a good day! Can I have a free month without being obligated to pay student loans “pretty please“.


Real Life!

Another thing I hate about student loans, you are paying the interest; therefore your student loans are not going down. I reviewed my student loan statements and discovered I owe more. What a bummer; I thought I would at least hit a dent but nope, wishful thinking huh!

I met a few people who are blessed not to have student loan’s. If only I was focused on scholarshipsย instead of chasing boys. Well you live and learn; if I have a daughter one day, I would tell her boys will always be there, get a scholarship haha!


Update on Sally Hansen Big Peel off Base Coat Review:

I have a hate and love relationship with this product. Literally the next day my thFullSizeRender (2)umb nail peeled off! I thought at least I would have four days worth. When it starts to peel off, you can pressed it down with your finger and it will stay on. Overall it lasted for 4-5 days. The application is very easy, it takes about 10-15 minutes to dry. Now to the love part, it’s so easy to peel off; my nails was clean and healthy without any residue from the polish. Very quick and convenient I would say. You can peel them off anywhere. I hate it when my nail polish chips and I can’t do anything until I get home (polish remover); but now I can just peel it off like 1 2 3 ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I will definitely continued to use this product for that reason. I give this a hardcore rating of 7/10.




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Welcome to my blog, I'm a person who blogs about anything that comes to mind. I enjoy writing my thoughts into poems; I'm trying out a new thing "living by faith and not by sight" and I hope I can inspire someone out there to live the same way. I'm a daughter, sister, best friend, and coworker to the most wonderful people I have ever met! I have an obsession with cats and Oreo's maybe because my cat was white and black haha ;). I enjoy exploring new things, meeting new people, trying new dishes and enjoying life. I follow my own theory "you only get one life, so make it count". You can't live your life for others, you have to live it for yourself because in the end, you'll have regret! Christina Demeris
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