Student Loan Dilemma + Sally Hansen Big Peel off Base Coat Update!

Student’s loans can be a real pain in the butt. I mean literally, I have pains in my butt (just kidding) but it can be very depressing. My student loan’s are more than my salary; I mean really, in a great world (you should make the amount you owe on your student loans). This is my theory and hopefully one day it will come true┬á­čÖé

Now back to the heartache and pain we are experiencing with student loans. This picture explains everything. I’m having a terrific day and out of nowhere “your student loan is ready to review”. Ugh com’on I was having a good day! Can I have a free month without being obligated to pay student loans “pretty please“.

Real Life!

Another thing I hate about student loans, you are paying the interest; therefore your student loans are not going down. I reviewed my student loan statements and discovered I owe more. What a bummer; I thought I would at least hit a dent but nope, wishful thinking huh!

I met a few people who are blessed not to have student loan’s. If only I was focused on scholarships┬áinstead of chasing boys. Well you live and learn; if I have a daughter one day, I would tell her boys will always be there, get a scholarship haha!


Update on Sally Hansen Big Peel off Base Coat Review:

I have a hate and love relationship with this product. Literally the next day my thFullSizeRender (2)umb nail peeled off! I thought at least I would have four days worth. When it starts to peel off, you can pressed it down with your finger and it will stay on. Overall it lasted for 4-5 days. The application is very easy, it takes about 10-15 minutes to dry. Now to the love part, it’s so easy to peel off; my nails was clean and healthy without any residue from the polish. Very quick and convenient I would say. You can peel them off anywhere. I hate it when my nail polish chips and I can’t do anything until I get home (polish remover); but now I can just peel it off like 1 2 3 ­čÖé ┬áI will definitely continued to use this product for that reason. I give this a hardcore rating of 7/10.




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