Motivational Monday’s Weight loss Series!


I decided on February 22, 2016 I will lose 15-20lbs by June 2016. I am extremely disappointed with myself ; I let myself gain the 33 lbs I originally lost in 2011, ugh it’s so frustrating and heart breaking…

When I accomplished my weight goal of 130 lbs I stopped going to the gym. I watched my intake of food but that was it. Somehow my young self thought this was an excellent idea, boy was she wrong! Slowly but surely I started to gain the weight back as the years went by.

I started to feel uncomfortable in my clothes recently and I thought to myself, what’s going on, until I realized I was back at the weight where I started 153 lbs.

Feet on a bathroom scale – Isolated

I was in denial about my weight gained; until Valentine’s Day, my sister asked if I was pregnant due to my bloated stomach and I said no because I wasn’t. When she asked me that, that was a wakeup call for me! I needed to get off the couch and workout. She didn’t mean any harm by it but it stuck to me like glue. I’m actually glad she told me that, sometimes it’s better to hear it from others than yourself.

I recently became a member of Planet Fitness and I love it!! It’s a ten minute walk from my apartment which is great!

Every Monday I am going to post my weight loss journey which includes my gym routine and how many pounds I lost thus far. My normal weigh in day are on Wednesdays!! If you guys want to join me in this journey please feel free to comment below. So far I have lost 3 lbs; I started at 153.6 and now i’m at 150.6 as on Monday March 7th.

For example:

Monday: Gym 40 minutes

Wednesday: 150.6

If we are unable to believe in ourselves who will?







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