Let go & be free

Everyone has that ex bf/gf who really gets underneath your skin; and you don’t know why.

It can be either

A. You still have feelings
BYou’re still in love or
C. You haven’t let go

Here are some tips to help you LET GO!

1God removed him/she out of your life for a reason
2Forgiving those who mistreated you will help you let go
3. Self talk (reminding yourself you are a good person with an honest heart)
4. Listen to inspirational songs(Measure-Begin again, Haley Reinhart-Free, and The Strange Familiar- Unwanted) are pretty good songs especially Free “in this situation lol”
5. Pray about it, ask God to give you guidance.

I know forgiving someone who has hurt you in the past can be extremely difficult, but it’s worth it at the end.

Photo Credit:
The gloss.com

hope this is helpful!

we’ll talk soon


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