Trickster vs Emperor


Have you ever been in a situation where you had met two people at the same time and started to date both? Feelings became more prevalent in one person than the other? So you decided to cut the other person off— and then you realize the one you thought was the Emperor turned out to be the Trickster?

This happened to me a few times. When I thought I had made the right choice, although they were so many red flags/signs I’d ignored because I was in denial and I thought he was the “one“. So to prevent this from happening to my readers 🙂 I have come up with a checklist to make sure you are not fooled by the “Trickster“.

1. Listen to your intuition
2. Pay attention to the signs (red flags)
3. No communication
4. Canceled dates
5. Content with not seeing you for weeks at a time
6. Always busy

Here is a brief checklist for things to watch out for. The first one I listed is true–listen to your gut (intuition) if something does not feel right then something isn’t right.

Pay attention to the signs is my second advice– hypothetically speaking if your sweetheart happens to call you when they’re drunk and starts to scream at you with no explanation and here’s the “kicker” they decide to hang up on you when you didn’t say what they want to hear. That person has issues (personally speaking). People say pay attention to people who are drunk–because the real person comes out.

No communication– me personally I dislike small talk however, if your sweetheart is full of small talk and you guys never had a deep conversation about life, family, future, etc. He has no interest in you! If he cannot have a couple of deep conversation within the first two weeks you started dating that’s a problem!!

My favorite canceled dates– how many times are you going to continue to let this guy cancel dates to realize this person does not care. Personally it took me a while (haha) but I hope for you it takes only one –maybe two (benefit of the doubt). Reality check!

If your sweetheart is content with not seeing you for weeks at a time, that’s a red flag. You should leave and run far far away! Especially if you guys just started to date– my father always told me “if a guy is interested in you then he will make time to see you“. This is the best advice to live by when you’re dating someone new. If he doesn’t make the time to see you now then when will he?

My second favorite “Always busy“. So what we’re all busy with our own life (“you’re so busy“- Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City), however we pick who we want to spend time with. No one is busy every moment/every second of the day. If someone say “I’ve been busy” chances are they had time to call/text you but chose to do something else.

I hope this help someone out there who is going through a similar situation. Don’t be fooled by the “Trickster” he may seem like an “Emperor” but he’s not!

-we’ll talk soon

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