Finding your Passion?

find-your-passion-orlando-espinosa1Have you been at work and decided I’m tired of doing the same thing? I need to do something  i’m passionate about? I know I have, but here’s the thing–i’m not sure what i’m passionate about. I mean sure, I like to write here and there and help people sort out their lives, even when my life is not in order. But I’m not jumping up for joy about it. I also enjoy drinking and eating lol, so should I start a Youtube channel around drinks and food? I know I’m not the only one who feels there’s something more to life than working a 9 to 5. I prefer not to wake up when i’m 35 years old and still trying to find my passion.

Have any of you had this problem, and you figured out what to do? I mean, when I was younger I could have bet everything that I would have life figured out by now but then again, life is just going with the flow.



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2017 Fall Must Haves!

It’s officially Fall, let’s take in the crisp air and enjoy pumpkin EVERYTHING!! I’m obsessed with Fall Fashion. I mean who doesn’t like Fall Fashion, boots, jackets, scarves and hats–how can you not dress fabulous in the fall? I decided to share my favorite must haves for this fall and guess what they are all black ha-ha-ha.

Let’s get started!


  1. You should always have a good pair of black leggings Zella High Waist Leggings-I prefer high waisted because the high waist band pulls you in and you look slimmer. I bought these from Nordstorm and the quality is amazing. I end up buying three!
  2. A good black leather jacket Topshop Luna Faux Leather Jacket— A leather jacket makes female looks 10 times sexier than a regular jacket. I’m not sure why but trust me the jacket screams out sexy. I bought a lamb leather jacket from Michael Kors earlier this year and it’s amazing. I definitely suggest investing in a real leather jacket because they last for YEARS!!
  3. Of course booties–I bought a pair of black booties from Nordstorm during the annual sale and they are fabulous! They are sold out on the website however EFFECT-R: Steve Madden you can buy them here. They are comfortable so far.
  4. And last but not least a black scarf Frayed Trim Scarf–I love scarves like I love cats. You can never have enough scarves because you just can’t haha.

Let me know your must haves for fall 2017!




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Breathe Again.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought everything was going well until the person decides it’s not going to work? I have, and if you haven’t you are one in a million and I applaud you. People think (including myself) what could I have done differently or what if I tried harder. In reality what could of, would of, should of, isn’t going to change the fact that person didn’t want to be with you anymore, especially if they are not willing to try.


It’s critical to understand you are not the problem; you have to pick yourself up and decide if you are going to continue to feel bad about yourself or are you going to get back out there and try again? When I was going through my breakup I forgot who I was before I met my ex boyfriend. It’s crazy how you literally forget who you are because, you are so consumed with your partner. Once you remember who you are it’s critical to become that person again. You use to love how carefree you were and how you didn’t have to worry about anybody but yourself.

At first, I thought I had to find someone else, but as time went on, I started to enjoy having time for myself and not have to worry about another partner. I started talking to people on a friend level and decided this was the best solution for me. I didn’t want to be in another committed relationship until I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. Which I’m currently thinking about as I write this blog haha.

The bottom line is to get back out there, the world is still moving, you didn’t die, I know it hurts but time heals everything.

On a humorous note (the beauty of denial):






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The Unknown


People can be foggy at times because you don’t understand their aura. Maybe this is a good thing or maybe not–but you don’t know until you see what’s behind their fogginess. Is it because of their past, did they have a terrible childhood, or is it because they allowed themselves to open up to someone fully and was heartbroken, so now they’re careful? It can be a number of reasons but once you get past the fog, they could be everything you hoped for and imagine or they could be everything you imagine hell would be. Being unable to read a someone is a gamble, the question is, are you willing to gamble the unknown?

My thought of the day…


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Peace and Happiness


Let’s take a moment and think of a time;

A time where you felt relieved and happy to be alive;

The time you felt all your worries and problems disappear before you eyes;

The time you realized God hasn’t left you side;

The time where you took a deep breath of fresh air and was thankful you survived;

Survived through the heartache and pain you felt inside;

Let’s take a moment and think of a time;

A time where you were happy, happy to be alive.


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Blockage Blocks


What are life experiences? We experience different things in life and it stays with us. We try to block it out or try to forget about them however, our experiences never goes away. We have to acknowledge and confront the experiences that’s holding us back in life.

For example, when I was younger, people would say I write like I talk and that was considered a bad thing. From that moment I considered myself as a bad writer but I always secretly enjoyed writing. Even now, when I think of writing I have this free feeling; I can’t describe it but it’s a good feeling.

On several occasions I wanted to write a book  but deep down inside I thought I can never write a book because of my previous experience. I would start and never finish the book, It’s been 3 years; I would become very embarrassed and start to curl up into a ball and inflict negative thoughts into my head. Like “you can’t write”, “they will laugh at you”, “who do you think you are” “you’re not a writer”, “your stupid”, “you’re not smart enough”. These thoughts would circulate in my head and then I would stop writing. I’m trying to overcome this obstacle but it takes time, just like any bad habit, it takes time.

You should think about a time where you enjoyed doing something at one point in your life and identify why you stopped doing it. Being able to confront the blockage can help you turn over the block.

Please feel free to comment any blockage blocks you may have.



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Not Sure? Keep Going!


I love this quote, you never know until you try!

I had this new idea and I was super excited, I was having dreams about it and I couldn’t wait to try it. After a few days of trying I was having serious doubts. Every time I tried something new it didn’t work and I was becoming frustrated. I was beginning to think I made a huge mistake “thinking” I can do this.

I bought all the items I needed and I tried everything to get this idea right, I prayed about it the night before; I was on my knees asking God to show me or give me a sign if i’m going in the right direction. The very next day I tried again and this time it was perfect.

Moral of the story when in doubt keep trying and don’t give up. Don’t let your fear of not being successful get in the way. God is there with you every step of the way.



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